Columbia Alumni Association Store Return Policy

Purchases are backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. A full credit, not including shipping, will be given for returned merchandise within 30 days of receipt. CMS will replace, at no additional charge including shipping, any defective merchandise returned within 30 days.

Columbia Alumni Association Store Orders US Domestic Shipping Grid

Air Express Service:Orders requesting air carrier services will be charged the actual carrier cost to CMS plus $6.00 for document processing.

Ground Service:Catalog orders default to ground shipping service and will be charged a shipping and handling fee based on the below grid. The price range calculation is the total net merchandise value of each order.

Starting Range (USD) Ending Range (USD) Rate (USD)
$0.01 $25.00 $7.20
$25.01 $50.00 $9.45
$50.01 $100.00 $12.75
$100.01 $200.00 $14.95
$200.01 $400.00 $18.30
Over $400.01 For each $100.00 or fraction thereof above $400.00,add $7.20 to the $18.30